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COVID-19: Keeping Fit Under Lock-down

Photo by Karl Solano from Pexels

With the recent pandemic outbreak Coronavirus (Coid-19), several fitness facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, yoga classes etc. have been closed to avoid further spreading of the virus. Nowadays, rather than cycling to college or work, people have now been limited to move around their homes which should not exceed the 2km radius given by the government.

Coronavirus has forced people to stay at home which has, in turn, led to a lack of movement, this has also helped to improve the rate by which more calories is consumed as a result of boredom and frustration, these calories, on the other hand, are difficult to burn out due to the which is often combined with consuming more calories because we spend more time at home, are eating because of boredom and frustration.

Social media has, however, come to the aid of the gym lovers as popular fitness instructors have taken to their various social media platforms to issue out food plans and stay at home workout routines for their dedicated followers. Some of these Instructors who have taken to their Instagram IGTV to give home workout routines include; Kemenfitness (a Nigerian fitness and wellness expert), laurabiceps a personal trainer who leads live bodyweight workouts from her home which she posts on her IGTV for her dedicated followers to watch and follow her workout guidelines, amongst others.

World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of lively vigorous physical movement every week, or a mix of both. These suggestions can, in any case, be accomplished even at home, with no unique gear and with restricted space.

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