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Covid-19 doesn’t cause domestic violence.

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 The worldwide increase in domestic abuse has started to be called a “shadow pandemic” by The UN alongside Covid-19. It’s thought cases increased by 20% during the lockdown, as many people are trapped at home with their abuser.

 According to the statistics from Safe Ireland, there were 3,450 women and 589 children who had contacted the organization and looked for support and safety from abuse for the first time during the 6 months. This means that there were 575 ‘new’ women and 98 ‘new’ children every month. Report during the six months shows that 33,941 helpline calls were answered across the country over the period, on average 5656 phone calls were made a month. In comparison to the latest statistics in 2018 from Safe Ireland, there were almost 4468 phone calls a month in 2018, therefore 1188 phone calls were made more this year than in 2018. There was a huge demand for services more than any other year.

Edel Hackett in Safe Ireland said June, July, and August were the busiest months. The member services, have said that the second lockdown was busier than the lockdown one because there were more opportunities to make a phone call.” She also stressed that the pandemic, which has become part of our experience of covid-19, didn’t cause domestic violence. She said that “Mental health and Financial problem caused by covid-19, they can be contributing to the factors of the stress. However, it doesn’t automatically mean that stress would lead to violence.”

Furthermore, according to the data from Safe Ireland, it is revealed that there is only 21% of those who were experienced violence were reported to the Irish police. It means there is 79% who are still experiencing violence and domestic abuse are not coming forward. Only 12% will come forward to domestic violence services.

Edel said, “You do not have to live with abuse and violence at home.” “Contact to domestic violence service. Always, call, ring, we are here.”

SafeIreland Helpline is 1800341900, local helpline number possible here

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