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COVID-19 affect multiple colleges

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The COVID-19 virus has affected a lot of countries as it spread quickly around people. The schools have had to close to prevent the further spread of the virus. A lot of schools have had to close because of the virus and a lot of students are left leading a sedentary lifestyle where they are stuck inside their homes.


A lot of students are trying to keep busy during this time while classes are still going on. A lot of classes are now taking place online on the platform known as Zoom.


Zoom is an online video platform that’s allows teacher and student to have video calls and even share screens. Student continue classes as usually teachers and even having presentation on the platform.


The Government is advising everyone to stay within 2 metres of their homes and only go out when necessary. Currently only essential workers are allowed to go and to work.


The government is yet to give more information as to when the lock down will end but people are hoping for the best. Stores are making changes to the layout of their buildings to accommodate the new social distancing rules put in by the government.

the government has advised people to keep safe and follow the laws in the medical website. you are advice to sneeze or cough into your hand and if you show any of the symptoms of the virus you are to contact the nearest General Practitioner.

On the official Medical website you can find the list of symptoms of the virus and the steps to take to prevent the spread.



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