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Would you go a day without your phone?


Technology has become part of our life. This is a fact and we all know that!

Of course, there will be always people around us that do not make use of WhatsApp or never watch videos on youtube. But would these people avoid to use technology in general?

Essential daily needs such as making a simple call, watching the news, searching for an address on google maps or checking the time of the bus on an app, are only possible with because of the technology!

It is hard to imagine that a few decades ago, mobile phones did not exist, for example, and the new generation has no idea of how it was to look for an address using printed maps, or when we wanted to learn a song, we would have to listen to the radio and transcribe the lyrics on a piece of paper, or we could even not see a person through a video call.

Now, If you are asked how do you think it would be a whole day without your phone, what would you say?

I have asked this and other questions to some people in Dublin, from different parts of the world and different ages to know more about their relationship with the technology.

Check it out:

Created in Adobe Premiere Pro
Credits: Luana Matos

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