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Coronavirus is at containment phrase in Ireland – health officials

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The first case of the Covid-19 seen in Ireland. The authority has successfully contained the patient, identified as a man who showed positive to the virus. They urge the public not to panic as the country is not seen at the high risk from the virus for now.

Talking to the press, Deputy Chief medical officer Dr. Ronan Glynn said the confirmation of the first case in Ireland after the case of the virus coming from Northern Ireland has not affected the risk that the country would be in. Meanwhile, they are working to identify who was in close contact with the male patient which seems to be a difficult one to trace as Dr. Glynn says.

The Man recently arrived at the affected part of northern Italy is now being in intensive care at the hospital in Dublin.

Dr. Glynn says that the government is ready to take any measures if it worsens even closing the school. In the tweet by HSE Ireland in the morning, it said that the public risk is low and can carry out their day to day life for now. Further Dr. Ryann talks that they will continue to monitor the situation and if there are any changes in the situation they will notify the public for their best of health.

He also confirms that there will be some preparation regarding the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day if there is any cancellation, the public will be known. He added that attending big mass can also increase the expose if there are any people who are positive to this disease.

The fear of the Covid-19 has brought the two Irish broader into a cooperative discussion in order to reduce the chances of spreading the virus even further. After the first seen case that came on Saturday, both the authorities held talks on how to reduce the spread of the virus.


The death tolls are at 54 in Iran with 978 people infected.

China is severely damaged by the virus where the death tolls have risen by 35 to 2,870 with 79,824 infected cases.

In South Korea, the health officials confirm 586 new cases adding to the total 3,736  cases nationwide.

In Japan, a man in his 70’s died in Hokkaido from the virus, northern Japan, 12 more domestic death announced the Japanese government.  The outbreak of the virus postponed the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Japan confirmed by the Japanese government on Sunday. On the same day, Thailand officials confirm the country first confirmed death by the deadly virus.

A man from Australia who was on board the Diamond Princess Cruise ship died from the virus, making its country’s first confirmed death. The man died after he got in contact with the virus on the board of the ship.

In the US, the official said Saturday they will stop all the travelers who is coming from Iran to stop the spread of the virus. They also advised the U.S. citizens not to travel to the country that is severely hit by the virus.


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