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CoronaVirus: How to make your Isolation Period more Productive

Picture Source- Pixabay. A lot of people are currentky bored at home, as a result of this corona virus pandemic



You would have to be under a rock, not to know about the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. Schools and other similar public gatherings have been shut down. Even the busiest professionals have now been forced to stay at home. 

TikTok and Instagram have been buzzing, as a lot of young people have been discovering their inner entertainers. People have been uploading videos and all sorts of contents on social networks.

There have been lots of challenges going in the social media space, due to the fact that most people are currently home and jobless.

However, the truth that many of us have failed to realise is the fact that some of the greatest things are built in places of isolation. This is not only a chance to build things but to improve ourselves. 

It is very easy for us to stay on our phones all-day and not do anything productive because of this CorinaVirus pandemic. Picture source- Pixabay.

It is very easy to just spend the whole isolation period with Netflix and Instagram. It is very easy for us to spend this time doing a lot of counter-productive things and actually forget that, life is soon going to start moving again, just as fast as it stopped.

In the podcast below, I highlighted and explained 9 things you could spend your isolation time doing and you would be actually grateful to yourself for it in the end.

Some of them are counter-intuitive while some other are actually commonsensical. 

The list in the podcast is in no wise an exhaustive one. It is just a list of suggestions to help you spark ideas as to the things you could do in this isolation period, just to make it worthwhile.

What are you doing differently during this isolation period?



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