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Coronavirus and the Nigerian Twitter

The first case of the coronavirus in the sub-Sahara part of Africa was confirmed in Nigeria on Sunday the 1st of  March 2020, after an Italian citizen working in Nigeria was alleged to have returned into the country showing symptoms similar to the Virus and Nigerians have reacted in an unusual manner to the outbreak.
With owners of pharmaceutical stores and supermarkets beginning to exploit the situation, as they increase the prices of face masks, infrared thermometer and hand sanitizers between 150% and 300%, Nigerian in twitter have resulted to the use of comedy not only to inform but also to keep the information in circulation, because after all who does not like a good laugh.
A look at the hashtag ” Coronavirusnigeria” would show the different reactions to the outbreak and a different approach to inform people about the virus.
This is partly because Nigerians  despite the confirmation of the outbreak in the country have managed to remain optimistic about the situation and result to the comic side of viewing the Virus.
Here is a look at some of the most trending and hilarious tweets about the Virus in the country.

1) Apparently Nigerians have been through too much to be scared by the virus 

Tweets on corona in Nigeria …screenshot from Twitter

2) With the era of fake news, Nigerians thought chloroquine cured the virus but probably not judging by this tweet

Tweets on corona in Nigeria …screenshot from Twitter


3) Remember the sweet victory Nigeria had over Ebola… it would seem Ebola is still sulking 
4) Nose mask what?!

Tweets on corona in Nigeria …screenshot from Twitter

5) Finally Nigerians know they can beat this and survive 

Tweets on corona in Nigeria …screenshot from Twitter


Nigeria may not be the best place in the world to live in, but as the country struggles with unemployment,poverty and more recent the coronavirus, social media like Twitter is helping to give people a reason to smile in difficult times.
Anyone who has been to an affected region in the past 14 days, and are well, should visit for advice.

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