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Coronavirus: A Blessing in Disguise

Photo by Christiane from Pexels

According to a recent survey, less than 10% percent of British citizens want their lives to resume as they were previously, before the pandemic once the virus is resolved.

During this time of social distancing, Brits have taken note of significant changes such as the improved quality of air, the increased activity of wildlife, and a stronger since of community.

Of 4,343 people who completed the YouGov survey, the majority, 54%, aspire to make lifestyle changes, and these same people also hope that the country as a collective can learn from this time of crisis.

42% of participants said that since the lockdown has been in place, they have more respect for food with 38% saying that they are cooking at home more frequently.

Other positive notes from the survey include, 61% of participants are saving money, 51% of participants have taken notice of cleaner air, and 27% believe that they have noticed more wild animals.

Just under half said that the community has become stronger and more unified since the lockdown and 39% of participants are building stronger bonds with their friends and family by communicating more frequently.

“This poll shows that the British people are increasingly aware that the health of people and planet are inseparable and it’s time for radical environmental, social, political and environmental change.” -Mathew Tylor, Chief Executive of the RSA

The RSA created this survey with the Food Foundation as an initiative to create a blueprint for how to provide more sustainable food through means of agriculture, land efficiency, and the rustic economy.

The result of this survey may help prove that the coronavirus is not only a pandemic, but an opportunity for people to reconnect with some aspects of life that have been forgotten or neglected.

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