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CoronaVirus: 3 Things Not to do in self-isolation

Coronavirus is everywhere and a lot of people are currently bored in self-isolation. Picture source- Pixabay



We are currently in the middle of the worst pandemic that most of us have ever heard of or witnessed. Most of us are at home. Only a few people in society are working.

Businesses have been put on a standstill. However, social media and online streaming platforms are currently getting an overwhelming amount of traffic.

People are home and bored. This is why the podcast and article I wrote last week was concentrating on giving ideas on productive things you could spend your time doing in this season.

As a continuation of that, here we talk about a few things that you should avoid doing if you want to have a productive COVID-19 break at home.

1. Watch X-rated movies. A stated in the video below, X-rated videos might not be too good for you if you are a creative person who needs a lot of creative energy.

Professionals say, the energy that is used for creating, is the same that is transferred into sexual activities. So, if you are a student, creative or a person who is working from home you are better off just concentrating on the essential things like your school work and another essential thing during the day. Try to keep yourself busy.

2. Monitor the news. Though it is important to follow the news and know what is happening in the country and around the world at this time; it is not necessary for you to know them in too much detail.

When you begin to spend too much time listening to the news and death tolls around the world, you might begin to get scared and lose the mental strength and tenacity to even live your daily life.

It is better to listen to just as much news as would be necessary for you. Then do other things.

3. Watch too many virtual concerts. So many top artists have been going live on social media a lot these days. A lot of them have been doing virtual concerts and things like that.

While they are really cool and it’s a nice way to connect with your favourite artists; the truth is that you can only watch a few of them.

They’re just so many online these days. So, if you want to stay productive at this time, you are better-off you watching a few and ignoring the rest.

What are your biggest time wasters during this quarantine period?

This is a list of 7 things you shouldn’t do in while in self-isolation. 

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