Copper’s playlist: The resurrection of 90’s classics


Let me set the scene. Copper Face Jacks Harcourt St, approximately 2am. Men wearing designer clothes, athletic builds, singing B*witched songs as though their lives depended on it.


90’s classics from artists such as S Club 7, The Spice Girls and even Samantha Mumba (remember her?) have become the new faves amongst the clientele. It seems that Irish men may be more in touch with their feminine side than previously thought.


The nightclub notorious for its array of guards, nurses, GAA players, students and singletons of all ages, has managed to make it cool for men to like pop music again. I’m not quite sure if it’s the drink, the late night air or the anticipation for the “its two you’ll do” moment of the night, but something has changed in the Irish psyche.


18 months ago the captain of Dublin GAA team, Bryan Cullen, lifted Sam Maguire and yelled “See you in Coppers” to the 80,000 strong crowd and 1.4m more viewers watching at home. GAA along with other sports requires dedication, physical fitness and the ability to work hard in vast weather conditions, so to picture those who play the sport, doing Michael Flatley impressions around a  packed nightclub to C’est La Vie doesn’t quite fit the bill, in my opinion.

Am I being sexist when I say this? Shouldn’t men be allowed to go wild and let rip on the dance floor to whatever music they wish? Of course!

I’m not arguing that they should stop but I’m noticing how far us Irish have come. No longer do we only have men standing by bars with pints in hand staring at a distance, as though they are on a David Attenborough documentary. Instead they are now out on the dance floor reciting every word of S Club 7’s Bring it all back to you and making up bizarre dance moves to go with it.


This retro playlist is attracting party goers of both sexes in their droves, which in turn has allowed the nightclub to cash in. Its annual account figures according to Companies Registration Office show the firm’s cash pile at the end of December 2012, stood at a staggering €38m an increase of €5.4m on the previous year.

Its seems as though Coppers has every reason to be singing and dancing like its 1999 and those looking to become the next big thing in the world of dance, aren’t too far behind in the queues to get in.

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