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Christiano Pinto (UNSPLASH) - edit by Camille Chorley (CANVA)

For the third time, Ireland is in lockdown since Christmas eve. We will have to redouble our efforts to find something to occupy ourselves. And what better way than to cook lovely dishes at home? No restaurants again. Never mind again. You can become your own chef. And why not share your mouth watering dishes with others on Twitter?

Irish people are cooking at home more, and from scratch with fresh ingredients, since the onset of Covid19.  How we shop for food, cook and eat has changed significantly, according to an international survey led by Queen’s University Belfast and the National University of Ireland Galway. Yet, we can admit it, it is getting harder to get some new ideas. Let’s inspire ourselves the hashtag :  #cooklockedup on Twitter!

And if you don’t cook? Just start and share it!

Cooking has beneficial effects on our balance. Open a recipe book, break eggs into a salad bowl, mix the dough, knead, measure, prepare a cake that you will enjoy later with your loved ones … All these seemingly innocuous gestures require attention and care. When we do them, we no longer think about what preoccupied us a few minutes ago, and it calms us down. But that’s not all! Without knowing it, we find the kitchen very therapeutic by bringing together dishes that fill us up, we externalize many feelings. Cooking is often an experience of sharing. With her mother, her grandmother, her sister, her children, a friend… You creates exchanges (very often, tips and tricks!) and reinforces the feeling of closeness with those close to us. It is also an opportunity to meet new people.

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