Why you should consider becoming a vegetarian

Stop Eating Animals Stop Sign.
Stop Eating Animals Stop Sign. Photo Credit: Thomas (Flickr)

Ok ok, you might not be the next Superman/Woman of the vegetable-world but that’s not what I’m trying to get across here. The whole purpose of this video is to inform people, not to make them a better person, that’s up to yourself, not me 🙂  Every little bit helps, even if you decide to do a meat free Friday once a month, that’s great. And to everyone who thinks one person can’t change a thing, that’s fine either but please don’t force your negativity on others. Don’t let anyone judge you by saying you could do more, that’s pointless, you can always do more BUT at least you’re the one whose actually trying. Eat local, think global <3

So check out this video I’ve made 🙂


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