The Enclave

The Enclave- Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse born in Kilkenny Ireland and is a celebrated photographer. For three years Richard Mosse has explored the landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to produce “an immersive multiple-screen film installation, a series of photographs and a monograph”.

Through this project Mosse unveils a sight of humanity that cannot be fathom by a healthy community or country. The name of the project produced is called The Enclave. According to Anna O’Sullivan, the Commissioner/Curator of the Pavilion of Ireland, The Enclave shows “an unseen humanitarian tragedy by using a discontinued military reconnaissance film, originally designed for camouflage detection that registers an invisible spectrum of infra-red light”.

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image( - Photo credit (Flikr)
Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image(
– Photo credit (Flikr)

Richard Mosse was accompanied by his collaborators; ethereal infra-red Cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and ambient audio composer Ben Frost. They travelled to eastern Congo; a place filled with massacres, sexual violence and ambushes, engaging themselves in the lifestyle by joining an armed rebel groups. I believe this is a very dangerous and risky move from their part, but on the other hand if they did not do so, they would not have captured the intensity of the conflict. The Enclave depicts the dedication and shows the horror of a country in conflict, and this was all made possible because they became part of the group and they were able to see destruction of the war.

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image, Video from Vimeo

Richard Mosses’ The Enclave is being exhibition has left me in awe. The images are breath-taking and it lulls you for a moment. The exhibition makes you rethink about the conventional way of producing war photographs.  I would recommend each and every one reading this article and if you are in Dublin at the moment do go and have a taste of The Enclave.

The Enclave is presently being exhibited between January 30, 2014- March 12, 2014 at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Gallagher Gallery, 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2, Ireland.