Commuters have more fun

According to Census figures 2.7 million of us commute to work, school and college during the week. 31% of these use bus,rail and Luas services.

I myself commute daily to college and although the repetitive trip in and out,the early morning starts and the excess planning needed to be a hardcore commuter, takes its toll. I have managed to have a lot of fun experiences along the way.

Public transport has its unique characteristics, its rare you will be offered “authentic” Louis Vuitton bags,a life story about an elderly man you just met or have an encounter with a drunkard at 1pm in the day whilst travelling in by boring old car every day

In fact, it teaches you a lot about how we learn by watching others.Often in the mornings I see school children independently counting the change for their ticket and making their way to their seat, just like every adult. it makes me think of how fun it must be for a child to take public transport and to witness all those who use it.

To make your journey even more fun,here are 4  things to do big or small on public transport that will guarantee a giggle:


1. I dont know what a tracker mortgage is?


2.Newspaper photobombs


You will find more here

3.Are we there yet?

Because Shrek taught us a lot about being different in society, Donkey taught us how to annoy society.

4.The pacifier










Everytime you see a crying child, pull every funny face that you can,regardless of the child’s parent giving you intense evil looks. If it doesn’t cheer the child up it will sure as hell make your day!





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  1. You also get to see all the great flags of EU countries looking out the bus window…. now where did I put my England flag? … How EU doin 😉

  2. Commuting is not fun. Stuck on a Bus Eireann bus with a woman singing out loud, late buses all the time and people who put their chair really far back and squish you! And the Sligo train when people sit on the outside seat and there is hundreds of us getting on in Maynooth and instead of moving in to let you sit down they get out and let you sit on the inside delaying everyone. So infuriating Claire haha One of us should’ve learned to drive so we could carpool haha

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