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Common Social Etiquettes You Should not Ignore

Photo by Afta Putta Gunawar for Pexels

When the word “Etiquette” pops up what comes to the mind of many is “prim, proper and overbearing strictness or boredom”. However, this is not the case. Etiquettes are meant to make living together in a social space favourable for everyone. It is a way of showing mutual respect or understanding for the people around us.

social space favourable for everyone. It is a way of showing mutual respect or understanding for the people around us.

Photo by Lisa Fotios for Pexels

Unfortunately, following proper etiquette is not prioritized in modern-day society and has become a subject limited to only preschoolers.

Why is social etiquette essential?

Social etiquette is simply a set of norms, customs and activities that assist people in projecting themselves as pleasant, polished, and professional individuals. While it might seem like a ton of inconvenience etiquette can be very beneficial.

These are some of its benefits:

  • You make a good and long-lasting first impression.
  • Enables effective communication.
  • It gives you the ability to establish and maintain strong relationships.
  • It allows you to come across as considerate and kind
  • Most importantly, etiquette prevents awkward confrontations.

In the video below, International Cultural Consultant, Heidi Dulebohn explains what social etiquette is and how to practice them.

There are various kinds of social etiquette and we are expected to practice different kinds depending on what social situation we are in. However, some general rules apply in all situations. Just to name a few, we have business, face-to-face, social media, telephone and eating etiquette.

Be Punctual

Punctuality may seem like a simple social etiquette, yet it can make or break many social settings. It’s ideal to always arrive on time or somewhat ahead of schedule.

Be Attentive

Respect is demonstrated by listening to others. Show genuine interest in individuals by learning their names and encouraging them to tell you about themselves. Never, ever interrupt. Look people in the eyes and pay close attention.

Show Gratitude

When someone compliments or does something good for you, the nicest reaction is a simple “Thank you.” In addition, always remember to say “Please”, “Excuse me”, and “You’re welcome”.

Shun Negative Conversations

Avoid gossip and refrain from participating in it. If you disagree with someone, express your opinion in a civil manner (agree to disagree). if there is a need to vent, it is ideal that you limit your conversation to your closest circle only.

It might be a bit tricky to introduce certain etiquettes to your everyday life as an adult but just like habits with intentionality and accountability, you can level up your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of good manners and etiquette.

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