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The Italian presidential election has in the past two days been decided in so much that the votes have been counted and the winner has been announced. This election however had one quirky element to it that not many other presidential elections have ever had in that, a top runner for President was one of Italy’s finest comedians,Beppe Grillo.

This sparked a thought in my head. What if Irish comedians went for president here? Who would be the best candidate? What credentials do they bring to the table(if any)? How much fun could we have? 

So I got thinking and thought, OK we have a a island full of comedians who shall we narrow it down to.

The first person to come to mind was of course Tommy Tiernan. Tiernan would have a strong fan-base worldwide and as most of us who have seen his appearances on The Late Late Show, a very strong opinion. Tiernan is a family man with four kids from one marriage and got remarried in 2009. Here Tommy is showing a keen knowledge of economic matters from around the world.

The next candidate that we shall take a look at is Dara Ó Bríaín. Dara seems to have this teddy bear aura about him which appeals to many a woman. He plays off the weaker aspects of Tommy Tiernan in that Ó Bríaín is a little tame in comparision. He also has quite good relations with our friends across water…

The new BIFFO (Big Ignorant F**ker From Offaly), Neil Delamere. Delamere comes from a political stronghold in Offaly with former Taoiseach Brian Cowen coming from the area. Out of all candidates Delamere would have the greatest amount of rural votes. He also shows in this clip how he is aware of the over-excessive drinking habits in the country.

What do you think of my presidential suggestions? Would you see any other possible candidates and if so bring some proof!! 🙂

Youtube credit to BBC and Joseph Dwyer.


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