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College life under the pandemic

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With covid restrictions, college students’ life is unpredictable and changable. Most of lectures are on online and the social life in college seems gone for a while. I spoke to 3 students who are in DCU, Maynooth and Griffith College to ask about how’s studying under the circumstances and how difficulties they have faced.

Most of students were having many difficultires in studying. Oluwatobi (25) said, “Studying from home is not too bad. You can study in relaxing and quite place however, i’d like to have an option somewhere i can study when i don’t feel like to study at home.” Thomas (22) pointed out the accessibility of library in his college and saying “DCU just closed down the library. I am working on disseration and there were some books that i wanted to get but it wasn’t able to.”

The quality of the lectures was also mentioned by them. Isabella (23) said, “College is way worse, i don’t expect to get any feedback of my assignments. I just put files on moodle page and they grade them that’s it.” Thomas (22) said, “Lecture on online is basically like joining a video reference. They even wouldn’t notice if you turn off your camera.”

Lastly, Oluwatobi (25) said, “We didn’t pay for the online lectures in the college. We came here expecting face-to-face lectures.” Regarding the tuition fee refund, she also said, “It will be great if they can refund some of the fees, like 20-30%.”

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