College Life: Healthy Eating

stressed is desserts backwards
TRUE. -photo credit

With college you can pretty much guarantee one thing… unhealthy eating.

stressed is desserts backwards
TRUE. -photo credit

I lived off ham sandwiches my first week of college. Second week I became more adventurous and moved onto beans on toast. Noodles were another part of my staple diet. Ah I miss those days… Being 18 and not having to care about healthy eating or exercise! But I couldn’t stay 18 forever!

By the end of first year I had cooking down pat. Third year I was getting pretty nifty with a wok. Final year; someone just give me a Michelin star already! Not to blow my own trumpet but I can make a mean burrito, nom.

Even so it’s still tough to have a healthy diet. Who wants to start chopping vegetables after a long day of assignments and study?! Not me!

So how can you keep up the healthy diet without skimping on veggies and fruit? The simple answer: Green Smoothies.

Most (not every, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here) mornings I have a green smoothie. It’s filling but doesn’t make you full and heavy. It’s the perfect breakfast replacement!

There are so many variations out there. You can pretty much put any kind of fruit and most veg works well too.

I stick to the same one each time as after trying others I find this is the nicest and easiest to drink.

My Green Smoothie:

Ingredients -photo credit Jennifer Lyons-

Spinach (handful)
Half an avocado (oh so creamy…mmm…)
1 frozen banana
1 pear
A quarter of chopped cucumber
Juice of half a lime
About 100ml of water

Boost it up! with chia seeds , they keep you full for ages! These super little things are high in OMEGA 3, fibre, protein and antioxidants.


Basically throw everything into a blender and blendy- blendy for around 30 seconds.

Blendy Blendy -photo credit Jennifer Lyons-

Et viola! Instant healthy goodness in a glass!

blended smoothie
Tah-dah! -photo credit Jennifer Lyons-

Tip: Pre- chop cucumber and put into a zip lock back. Saves time in the morning!

Chopped cucumber
Just like this! -photo credit Jennifer Lyons-

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