Cold Mailman releases new single

The band members of Cold Mailman


The band members of Cold Mailman
The band members of Cold Mailman. Photo by Erica Zahl Pedersen


The  Norwegian band Cold Mailman releases their brand new single, “My Recurring Dream”  from their upcoming album, “Heavy Hearts”.

–  It has been such an amazing day for us, says a happy yet humbled Ivar Bowitz, vocalist of Cold Mailman on the phone from Oslo.

The song “My Recurring Dream” was released yesterday, and moments after friends, family and fans have been uploading and sharing the video and written comments  on various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Comments that do not go unnoticed by the band.

– It is exiting seeing the flashing numbers of notfications on facebook. To hear and see what people have written about our music means a lot to us. It is always good to know that people appreciate what you do, he tells.

According to Bowitz, who has written “My Recurring Dream”, the song is about love.  About finding that one special person.

–   I feel the topic about love has come to be a cliché. And I also know I´m not the first one who has written a song about it. By far!  Never the less with the song, I wanted to write down my feelings. And I believe I have done just that.

"My Recurrent Dream" is Cold Mailman´s newly released single from their upcoming album.Photo by Ina Marie Winther Åshaug
“My Recurrent Dream” is Cold Mailman´s newly released single from their upcoming album.Photo by Ina Marie Winther Åshaug

Bowitz says he managed to write down the lyrics for the song in just a couple of days, and the entire song was finished within a couple of weeks.

–It is a very honest song, a reflection  on my own experiences, good and bad. It was a fairly easy song for me to write. Sometimes the words just come to you. It was like a door opened, and I managed to write down the words I was looking for. It is seldom that the words find their way to the paper so quickly, but I´m glad they did.

The director of the music video André Chocron, has already directed several other videos for many well known Norwegian artists such as Mikhael Paskalev and Jonas Alaska. Chocron even directed the music video for Cold Mailman´s song “Time is of the Essence”  in which he and the band were nominated for best music video in the prestigious Spellemann awards. Bowitz says he feels lucky that they have been able to work with him.


–  We feel very lucky! He is such an amazing director. His father is a musician, and it is clear that he puts his mind and soul into each and every video he makes. The video speaks for itself. I am very content and proud!

Ivar Bowtiz started Cold Mailman ten years ago as a solo project. Since then a lot have happend, but according to him it has all been a rather slow process.

– It takes time to become a successful artist, but thanks to the internet, one can become known, big or small, in every corner of the world. As a band, we have no need to become famous superstars. But we will continue to do what we love as long as people want to hear more of our music.


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