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Coin master highest revenue-generating mobile game 2019

coin mater by felicia

Oh my village got damaged,  someone stole my coins, I need more spins, these are some of the favourite words that roll off the mouth of any player of the highest revenue-generating mobile game of 2019, Coin master. Chances are when these words come out the players are unaware they even made the statement because at that point they are in another realm on their own, in a world of mobile gaming and spinning.

Coin Master, a casual mobile game just like 스포츠중계, allows players to score coins to create more than 400 thematic villages such as LA Dreams and Steampunk Land. Players can get their hands on extra coins by invading other players settlements and stealing the stash of the Coin Master. Playing with friends and family makes the game even more fun, as players can win, build and compete while attacking and raiding.

The game was developed in 2010 but since the new trailer was released mid last year it’s gone viral on social media and in particular on Facebook. 

According to Sensor Tower, Coin Master from Moon Active was a fast riser in 2019, serving as the highest revenue-generating mobile game with $211 million on its way to the top of the European pile. That was higher than King’s Candy Crush Saga, which cumulated player spending of $206.8 million, and Supercell’s Clash of Clans, which cumulated $182.8 million.

Although categorised as a free game, coin master has managed to not only stay atop of the mobile gaming chart but continues to generate revenues through its sales of spins, chests and coins, as is a great game to make money, although there are also other places where you can do this like in the fastest payout online casinos which are great sites to get money in a quick way.

The game which is always criticised based on the reviews left by the players of the game on websites and on the app stores with many finding the game pointless and time-consuming yet unable to uninstall due to the addictive nature of the game.

So with this the case what accounts for the success of the game and why does it remain a hit among many.

Speaking to a few players of this game, Ope said

” I find the game annoying because it’s purely based on luck, however, experience shows that paying more attention to the game increases your chances of making progress”

According to another subscriber of the game, He affirms that although there’s no actual reward for playing the game the satisfaction of attacking your friends and stealing from them always brings a scary kind of satisfaction.

“I assume one of the major reason for the success of the game would be the tempting deals they give you when your spins are almost over and you have no choice than to buy because you have someone attacking you and all you need is a few coins to move to the next level” another player points out.

When I joined the game and my friends told me I would eventually pay for spins, I laughed and said never but guess what? I now have my debit card saved on my google pay to enable me pay easily. Before now I have never paid for any mobile game. Games like coin master and 겜블시티 가입 방법 are just really addictive.

According to Henry, he downloaded the game so his friend could get her free spins from 비트카지노 with the assumption he would delete the game after but he has now become a frequent player of the game. For him, he believes that the referral bonus has also contributed to the success of the game.

It is affirmative that the success of this game can be attributed to many factors but whatever the case may be the makers of the game are doing something right because, despite all the criticism, and with Hustler actress and superstar singer Jennifer Lopez announcing her partnership with the mobile game Coin Master and joining the  Kardashian clan including momager Kris Jenner to endorse the game. The game which can be seen at Gamblii casino continues to be a hit even to the point of other game makers using the same template and algorithm to make similar games to coin master.

Want to have a go and test how addictive the game is? download it now play store or app store and thank me later except when I attack or steal from you.

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