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Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is a good way to keep things running smoothly and to help create a safe environment for people on a particular site so they feel good about what they post and helps them improve their writing, editing skills with positive and constructive criticism and feedback. This Code of Conduct for the is based on a few laws. You are expected of a few certain thing and expected not to do a few things. They are:

Expected Behaviour

  • Respect Privacy
  • Maintain a sense of decorum and decency
  • Post only relevant content
  • Keep the viewers in mind and post content.
  • Make sure your information is accurate.
  • Respect fellow users’ work. Treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Give your primary and secondary source credits.


Unacceptable Behaviour

  • No harmful, threatening, obscene content
  • Don’t plagiarize
  • Do not lie about or make up facts
  • Do not advertise products or influence/suggest content.


The above are some of our main and basic code of ethics that are expected to be followed by our users. We hope they can respect the platform and the people on it and act accordingly. Unacceptable behaviour will be punished. All posts will be monitored so as to ensure a safe, smooth flowing environment where people can post their writings, images, etc. We should be notified in case of any concerns regarding the code of ethics or any working problem and our team will get right on it.

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