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Coachella weekend one recap

America and the world watches on waiting for the finally tally. Photo by Benjamin Lehman from Pexels

When April comes around, we know that it will soon be time to go back to the desert for America’s most famous music festival, Coachella. This festival, which lasts two weekends, is the opportunity to see some of the world’s biggest artists live all in the one place. People travel from all over the world and don their most festive outfits to have this coveted experience, with tickets costing 400 dollars per weekend. Last weekend, April 12-14th, the crowd gathered in Palm Springs for weekend one. Here is a recap of all of the biggest moments from weekend one, from performances to outfits to mishaps.

Coachella became known as ‘Lanachella’ this weekend after singer Lana del Rey took to the stage. Lana was the headliner on Friday April 12th, and was obviously the most anticipated act considering the crowd she drew. Her fans have dubbed the festival ‘Lanachella’ in her honour after she delivered the stand out performance of the weekend. Long-term fans were ecstatic as she drove through the crowd on the back of a motorcycle in a sheer silver outfit, reminiscent of the music video for her early hit song ‘Ride.’ She, to the surprise of fans, opened the show with the lesser known song ‘Without you’ from her 2012 album ‘Born to Die – The Paradise Edition,’ which she rarely sings live. She expressed her stress at having to put a show together with limited time after her tour manager abrubtly quit weeks before the performance. She brought out fellow alternative artist Billie Eilish as a surprise guest. This caused the internet to go into a frenzy as Billie credited Lana for paving the way for her and other alternative artists to become successful. Fans are now debating what Lana will do differently and who will be her guest ahead of her second performance this Friday April 19th.

Renée Rapp, who has recently shot to A-list stardom following her performance as Regina George in ‘Mean Girls – The Movie Musical,’ made her Coachella appearance on Sunday, April 14th. Rapp contributed to this year being dubbed ‘the gayest Coachella yet due to the amount of queer performers celebrating their sexuality, with Rapp, who recently came out as a lesbian, being introduced to the audience by the cast of the television show, ‘The L Word.’ This show, which ran for six seasons, follows the lives of six lesbian and bisexual women living in Los Angeles. Rapp also took a moment to kiss her rumoured girlfriend/guitarist Towa Bird during her performance. Rapp, like Lana, also brought out a surprise guest. Kesha joined Rapp on stage to sing her biggest hit, ‘Tik Tok.’ Kesha caused a stir as she changed the opening line of this song from ‘Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy’ to ‘Wake up in the morning like f*ck P Diddy.’ This lyric change comes amidst the controversy that has recently been surrounding P Diddy as he has been accused of a litany of crimes and had his homes raided by Homeland security recently.

It is difficult to carry off a big festival like Coachella without having any mishaps. Unfortunately, this years greatest mishap happened to alternative singer Grimes, who shares two children with Elon Musk. The ‘Genesis’ singer faced technical difficulties as she took to the stage on Saturday, April 13th. Audiences were confused during the second half of Grimes’ performance as production appeared to break down. Grimes blamed her last minute work and cited the tracks not going together as she attempted to dj as the reason for this breakdown. She apologised to the audience as this issue occurred and later via the platform X, insisting that when she performs again this Saturday, April 20th, everything will be flawless. ‘Blur’ lead singer Damon Albarn, who performed with his band on Saturday, April 13th, grew frustrated with the dull audience as they were not singing along to the songs. During the song ‘Girls and Boys’ Albarn stated, ‘You’re never seeing us again, so you might as well f*cking sing it.’ Despite this outburst, Blur will still be returning in the same time slot for weekend 2.

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