Classic British comedy and the perfect hangover cure

Rowan Atkinson BlackAdder
Rowan Atkinson BlackAdder

This weekend I had something that I have not had for a long time, a day off. I always imagined having a day off could be a productive day gettig up early, going for a run around the park followed by a healthy breakfast while perusing the newspapers and contemplating putting the house in order before meeting friends in town for a spot of lunch and some witty banter. Of course none of these things happened. The day was spent doing mostly nothing and it was fantastic.

Having a day off usually means that the night before is a prime opportuinity to engage the sorts of activities that require a day off shortly after. So the day was spent on the sofa with food, duvets and a lot of DVD boxsets.

First up was Blackadder II.

Blackadder was a show that made me laugh when I was a kid and the older I got the funnier it became. For those unfamiliar with the show it featured a cast of some of the biggest names in British TV and film. Rowan Atkinson, most famous nowadays for Mr. Bean and Johnny English, plays the title role as Lord Edmund Blackadder. The great British istitution that is Stephen Fry also features regularly alogside Dr. Gregory House himself, Hugh Laurie.

The show was created by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, Curtis is the Director famous for films like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually so already you can the level of talent that was behind this show.

sure some of the sets look a little dated and cheap by todays standards but the quality of the scrpts and performances of the cast give us a show that is just as sharp and witty today as when it was first released.

Having devoured the Blackadder boxset we were left hungry for more so we went for something completley different and watched the best of Monty Pythons flying circus

This is the creme de la creme of comedy paving the way for the hundreds of comedy sketch shows to grace the airwaves.

Nothing quite helps deal with a hangover better then an afternoon of Silly walks, Spam and Lumberjacks.

Next weeks hangover I will be taking a look at Fawlty Towers and Yes Minister

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