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Clap For Our Heroes

Photo by David Hernandez from Flickr.

The new movement  which emerged after the emergence of the corona virus is the ‘hashtag clap for healthworkers’. This movement has turned to a trend on social media in order to demonstrate sincere appreciation for medical professionals.

Photo by Online Marketing from Unsplash.

The movement was accepted widely all over the world, with several people taking to their social media to join the trend. There were a lot of tweets on twitter that started last month into this month that was geared towards the commendation of medical practitioners’ efforts towards combating the global pandemic.

This led  to a lot of hashtags with the demonstration of hands clapping, drumming, or making a sound that depicts victory. The implicature of these acts was to create a hopeful atmosphere and to encourage those in the medical fields that they are victorious in this time of the ongoing global pandemic. Some of the hashtags were; #clapping, #clapfordoctors, #clapforourdoctors, #clapfornurses, #clapforcarers, #clapforhealthworkers.

The above tweet shows the applause and ovation that was given to medical and health professionals in India. The video featured the Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrashekar Rao with his family, senior bureaucrat and police officers applauding the professionals. The people of Telangana in India were reported to have several covid-19 cases and the applause was the government’s gratitude to the medical professionals.

The video above from ‘The Guardian‘ shows several people applauding NHS staff. The locations showed some places in the United Kingdom such as Glasgow, Manchester, Whitley Bay, Kent, Westminster, Portsmouth, Brighton, Southhampton and the Brexit prison.

The United Kingdom was however not the only place where this clapping took place. Countries such as Canada, United States and Ireland among several countries in the world also participated in the acts.

A twitter user with the name,’Queen of Vampires’ celebrated not just health workers, but essential workers as well.  In the image which was uploaded portrayed doctors and nurses as the true heroes. With the Superman comic character saying he insists in the nurse taking his identity shows the way that health workers are viewed all over the world. It seems the clap was not just for health workers as demonstrated in the tweet, but also essential workers. The cashiers who still go to work despite being at risk of the virus, whereby they come in contact with several people who walk into the store were also celebrated.

The twitter user expressed her thoughts towards the clapping and claimed that it was good as the community has been quiet. The same goes for the whole world, human interactions has been limited to electronic devices and streets have been deserted. Places has gone quiet as several countries are on lockdown and movement has been restricted.

The embedded video above rendered appreciation to all key workers all over the world, from janitors to teachers, all of them are to be celebrated and appreciated.

The movement was also to demonstrate solidarity and to enable essential workers to know how much they are appreciated, and to remove fear and discouragement from health workers’ minds.

The United Arab Emirates took part in the act and demonstrated appreciation to them. Other acts which include, benefits for essential workers and discounts for them as well were implemented by several countries in order to boost their morale.

Kindly comment below other things that could be done to appreciate essential workers apart from the clapping.

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