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Citizenship by descent: The high cost for a passport

Dublin, a multicultural city, where started evolving in the past 10 years. It is a city that started becoming modern and creating more job opportunities. Even though, the weather conditions and rent prices are not precisely the best for living, the quality of living and the public transport system is considered one of the best in Europe. People around the world come to this city to find better opportunities, but not all the nationalities are allowed to enter the country without a visa. This is the main factor, that some people cannot have this opportunity, so for that reason, these people consider other solutions such as marriage with another EU citizen, or obtain the passport by descent. One of the most common nationalities in Dublin who search for these options are Brazilians and Venezuelans. In the beginning, it was more common for them to study English and stay for a few months, but then the situation changed things around. Why them? The critical political and economic situation that they faced is provoking them to leave their country and start over.

What is the passport by descent? In the past, Italians, Portuguese, Germans and others came over to those countries to start a business and a better life. In the law, ”The child of Italian citizens (father or mother) is Italian. The citizenship is transmitted from the parent to the child with no limit to then number of generations one goes back to, unless one of the ancestors has never renounced his/her citizenship. Italian citizenship can be bestowed through maternal line only to children born after 1st January 1948. Moreover, the minor child who lives together with his/her parent, is bestowed the Italian citizenship when the parent acquires or reacquires Italian citizenship.Today, the law in force allows multiple citizenship, unlike the previous law. Recognition of citizenship. If the descent from an Italian parent or ancestor is not registered in the Italian Civil Registry, it is necessary to ascertain it, and to confirm that all the ancestors maintained and transmitted their Italian citizenship. The competent authority who may ascertain the citizenship is within the jurisdiction of residence: residents in the Republic of Ireland may contact this Embassy; while those who reside in Italy may contact the Registrar of the municipality of residence.”

Italian Dual Citizenship Image

These people hire lawyers to research about their live and understand where they can get the information and how it’s possible to get the nationality by either mother or father side. The most common nationality that it has been seen is the Italian. Every case is different, some people wait for years, others wait for months and even other wait for days to obtain the citizenship. It’s a process that it usually cost more than a thousand euros, between 4 or 5 thousands. Most of the people who make this process, the majority obtain their nationality and stay for very long in Ireland.

Here, you can find some information about the requirements that you need to obtain the Italian passport:

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