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Cinemas or live streaming: The debate rages on!

IMC cinema Tallaght shopping mall
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Many years ago before the advent of the cinema, watching movies from TV screens was a great deal. Parents and Kids would scuttle for important television programmes like Bonnie and Clyde. But gradually, it seems as though apart from entertainment channels, this enthusiasm is growing cold owing to the massive prop up of the Cinemas which many refers to the big screen.

Suffice to say, that despite everyone’s busy schedules, students and full-time workers alike still imbibe the culture of watching movies at the cinemas, with most recording impressive turnouts especially at night and on weekends.

For Promise Akinbiyi and his partner Tom, whom the circular spoke to at IMC Cinema situated at Tallaght shopping mall; watching movies at the big screens along with a bowl of popcorn and ice cream is a different experience.” I prefer cinema experiences on the milieu of its fun and suspense. And watching it with people under one umbrella makes it even more exciting.

Again, I’d say because of its picture quality and sound which comes from newly released movies. Besides, it’s a better way to get away from home and school weekly strain.

According to Tom,” I don’t come here for the movies and tasty pop-corn alone trust me. The change of environment is very important to me, just as the atmosphere provides me the opportunity to meet new people and it’s something worthwhile.”

On the flip side, there are those who feel the avalanche of Netflix original movies as well as other prominent streaming sites provides a better relaxation and entertainment atmosphere than the cinemas.

“Hi, my name is Emmanuel Pinnick and I am a student at Griffith College. For me, I prefer watching and streaming movies at home. At the cinemas, you have no control over the audio or video levels and if it’s a crowded hall, you usually just sit wherever you can find. At home, I can control these things, plus the added option of controlling the playback, pausing, rewinding. That sorta thing!”

Similarly, Joe Akpezi believes that it’s more convenient to watch movies comfortably from the home than visiting the cinemas “The inconvenience associated with having to take a walk, a drive or even a trip to a cinema has been demystified. End-user consumers like me can simply on the mobile devices and laptops access a large cache of movies online, download my preferred choice and stay within the cosy confines of my abode to watch movies comfortably, so if technology has been this kind to me, why should I waste that much time and resources to go and watch a movie at the cinema!”

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