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Cigarrets and vaping an interview with a double smoker.

The history of vaping 

The history of the USB flash drive is a fascinating journey that dates back to the late 90s. But long before that people were already Smoking.

Smoking tobacco was started by the indigenous people but they didn’t know it would become vaping to be fair.

In the past, cigarettes were advertised as something healthy, and then as something kinky, we cannot say the same about vaping while some started to quit cigarettes some others started knowing it wasn’t good.


The kinky factor remains, cloudy…

Some claim that it was all the industry strategy, that smoking was decreasing on the earth, with many law enforcement trying to decrease the number of smokers. Such as tobacco taxes, plain packaging, and other marketing and advertising restrictions.

But the innocent tobacco industry had it all planned out, and mixed two dying ideas: pen drives, and smoking so that revenge would taste like “bubble berries”.

It’s being argued that vape companies are targeting the young generation, creating many flavors that are inciteful for the younger other claims that is just a matter of running out of ideas, and therefore new flavors that have never been seen before are being created.

Vaping vs cigarettes 

The community is very divided on the topic right now.

Vape has become trendy and cigarettes are becoming more indie, old school. Independent of the “smoking pathway”  smoking devices are apparently here to stay. And so are their customers:

While some people started vaping to quit cigarettes others did it the other way around, and others went beyond and became double smokers. Like our interviewee:

Interview with a double smoker

We interviewed a double smoker, originally from Moldova who currently lives in Dublin. And became a double smoker himself. The interviewee preferred to remain anonymous and not be called “double smoker” again.

Why do you smoke anything whatsoever?

-“I first started smoking when I was in 6th year at the age of 17 how I started was when I was with a group of my friends well my best friend and his cousins I saw some device I never seen before held by my best friends cousin it was a she and she was smoking it she asked me if I wanted to try it and I was crazy enough to say yes because I wanted to act cool 😂 that’s the first time I smoked a vape I was coughing so much but then I decided to buy myself one and I got hooked and started smoking it constantly every day. I started smoking cigarettes when my friend from school decided to quit smoking and he gave me a full box of cigarettes Marlboro gold I decided to try one and I got hooked on to them as well it made me feel relaxed and stress free smoking made me not feel bored when I had nothing to do

Which one came first?

– Vaping came first

Which one do you smoke more often? Or prefer?

-I smoke more often vapes because of the different variety of flavors but I prefer cigarettes

Which one do you think is healthier?
(no reply)

Do you think smoking vape is kinky?

-Maybe it is kinky maybe it’s not depending on who you are smoking with 😂😉

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