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Church of God took the gospel to the street


The Church of God in Ireland brought the gospel to the people in the street at the rush hour at the city centre of Dublin. Words of God, song ministrations and lots more were used to portray the gospel of christ to the people that were interested in waiting-by to listen on Thursday’s evening.

Many preachers were brought to the busy entrance of Henry Street, in Dublin’s city centre to win souls to the kingdom of God. The preachers talked predominantly on forgiveness, born again, love of God for everyone and repentance among others.

Different sorts of beautiful gospel songs and hymns were rendered by the choir to trill the people, and at the same time win souls with the words of the songs.


A lot of people waited to listen to the messages been preached by people of different colors, and everyone left the scene with an handbill from the church, which says: “To Go to Heaven.” This handbill contains the summary of all the messages that was preached at the outreach.

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