How to choose furniture when you have pets

Oh, pets…They can become our true friends, delight us with their funny acts or help us when we are stressed. But when it comes to the safety of upholstered furniture, owners’ attitude changes dramatically as cats leave clumps of fur on beautiful upholstery; or sharpen their claws on it and dogs can do without biting armrests and legs of the couch or chair. Some owners try to solve the problem radically: beat animals, close them in empty rooms or completely cut the pets’ fur. However, that is not the only one way out. You can choose such sofas for a living room which simply do not attract the attention of animals. After all, there is furniture for the living room which can be quickly and easily cleaned, and doesn’t have wood inserts, which are so attractive for puppies.
I had a chance to talk to the director of a furniture centre Marina Dautova who gave her advice on how to choose the furniture when you have pets at home.

To begin with, let’s throw the light on the question of how to choose a sofa in the living room if you have a cat

Cat in the house. Photo credit: Maxim Fedorov
Cat in the house. Photo credit: Maxim Fedorov

The main problem faced by cats owners is shedding and claw marks that are left on the upholstery of the sofa. That is actually a problem but you still can save the surface of upholstered furniture. The key point is to choose the correct upholstery. The most sustainable upholstery is velvet, flock, faux suede.
Flock is often used for stylish and practical furniture. Flocks of different price categories, textures, colors and shades are presented in the working collections of fabrics of each factory for the production of upholstered furniture. This material has a high wear resistance due to the special manufacturing process. In fact it is a non-woven material, which is practical option for covering sofa upholstery as it is easy to clean and stains also can be removed without any difficulties. Even if you cat chooses to sharpen its claws on the furniture it will still retain its original appearance. In addition to this, cats simply ignore sofas, upholstered flock: there are no loops to cling to.
Another version of sofa upholstery for cats lovers is the faux suede. It is a durable and wear-resistant material. A living room sofa upholstered by suede will serve for a long time and will look presentable. Faux suede can be easily cleaned, it is moisture free, it does not fade with time, has a short nap and as a consequence pellets cannot appear. When selecting upholstery, special attention should be paid to the color palette and fabrics. Cats, especially long-haired, are shedding all the time and the wool remains on the couch each time cat walk on it. It is highly recommended to choose the coloring that will disguise stains and hair, which means that furniture color should match with the color of your pet.

How to choose a sofa when you have a dog

Dog in the house. Photo credit: Maxim Fedorov
Dog in the house. Photo credit: Maxim Fedorov

All dogs, especially at a young age like to sharpen their teeth so it presents a potential damage to the wooden parts of upholstered furniture. In this case, you should avoid the classical baroque interior, because this style is replete with many ornate wooden inserts, delicate legs and bizarre armrests.
It is a common sense to stop your choice on a more acceptable design options (metal legs which are lack of décor). Try to choose a material which is known as chenille. Chenille is durable and reliable option which retains color and texture for a long period of time.
Another option is above-mentioned flock. Mat which is based on burlap is considered to be good material as well. Perhaps, it is one of the most popular materials among the others. It has velvety texture that creates a cozy atmosphere of your home. Also faux suede is a pretty good decision. If you have a dog, it is worthy to buy furniture covers which are made of this material.
Advice: You should pay attention to the removable covers that are offered by some factories. Even if cover is spoiled, it will be not necessary to buy a new sofa, you can simply replace the cover.

Do not think that if you have pets in the house, you will put the cross on our furniture. Just keep calm and follow the tips above!

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