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Podcast : China and the Coronavirus

Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy from Pexels

A year and an half after this whole Pandemic started, we still don’t know where the Coronavirus really comes from. We for sure detected the first apparition in Wuhan, but we are not fully certain of its real origin and how China literally erased the virus. 

Indeed, when the cases were getting higher and higher and a lockdown was set up in March 2020, a month later then, China stated loud and clear they had almost got rid of the virus. There are so many mysteries between China and the Coronavirus, which is why we have met a Chinese girl living in Europe for a while now, to get to know what Chinese people really think about this situation in the podcast below !

The Chinese government is well known to hide what is really happening politically between the governments and citizens. We can admit that we have a complete different meaning of freedom of speech and freedom in general. It is sometimes hard to distinguish reality and brainwashing.

Our Chinese interviewee doesn’t think the Chinese government has lied at any point, she rather believes that the restrictions were so difficult and tight for a couple of months that the virus must have been erased in this way. It was a strict lockdown like the rest of the world has never seen. People had to stay at home and not going out on any circumstances. Something which could never happened in Europe because the question of freedom and human rights would be brought.

We hope she is right, indeed we hope China has been honest about the virus and their “special” way of dealing with it !

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