Cheating nature with a “cuppa tea”

Picture by Oluseye Oyelakin

As a migrant student in Ireland, one of the changes that affected me the most was the weather. While in Nigeria, I was not conscious of the effect of the weather, nor did I check the weather updates as frequently as I do here in Dublin. In fact, it is necessary to note that sixteen degrees in Nigeria is a cold temperature achievable using the air conditioning system. If you wore puffer jackets in Nigeria, you could be seen as a robot- meanwhile, I now wear a puffer, a sweater and scarfs all at the same time.

I have become so preoccupied with weather forecasts that what comes to my mind most times is how do I cheat nature- how do I get warm and comfy in the cold weather of Dublin? One of the least ways I have achieved this is by helping myself to a cup of hot tea almost every time- this is a popular culture in Ireland casually called cuppa tea .

Luckily for me, one of my flatmates, a Kenyan, brought packs of tea branded as Kericho Gold and the taste and packaging quality fascinated me to the point I decided to create a video content that would serve as a consumer-made advertisement.

The video opens up with a scene in Dublin that apparently looks cold, I described the weather temperature in details and location in sync with the rhythm of an African soundtrack. The following scenes shows sequences of a young man returning home and immediately going straight to preparing a cup of tea. The video ends with a dedication to “those who cheat nature with a cup of tea”.

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