Cheap yet Good Takeaways in Dublin 8 (map)

Takeaway by Jeremy Segrott.
Takeaway by Jeremy Segrott.
Takeaway by Jeremy Segrott.
Takeaway by Jeremy Segrott.

Takeaways are basically where food which is ordered and made in a restaurant and is then taken away to be eaten at home or elsewhere.There are various kinds of takeaway option like, online booking/phone booking delivery etc.  It is a quick and simple process for public with lots of many benefits in additional is more efficient for both the customer and the restaurant owner.

Restaurants now offer online ordering which is the better and easiest way to order their favorite food. Ordering food online is unbelievably less time consuming and  convenient especially for working people and students.

Takeaways are generally popular in the world, Dublin is no exception. According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, there are more than 1000 takeaways shops Dublin especially in the urban and suburban parts of the city. One of such is Dublin 8. Dublin 8 in recent years has become a student hub and also home to many working class people which led to the opening of many takeaways in the district. There takeaway shops on every corner and there are so many options.

Lots of options are good things but something it can be confusing.  So, here I have compiled some of the cheapest yet tasting good takeaways in Dublin 8 which might be useful and helpful the next you are planning on ordering food online.

So,here are the top 10 takeaways in Dublin 8 which offer good food for reasonable price. Most of this takeaways offer meal deal and euro saver meals and you can even get student discounts in some of it.

I have gathered the data and converted it into a form a map so it is easier for you to see the location  of the shop. Just click the blue marker and it will give you the name of the shop and also links to the websites and menus of the restaurants. So, here it is!

*Note that this data was collected on the 18/11/2016 and changes may have occurred after that. So, if you have any more suggestions or options do let me know and i will update the map.

Hope this helps with you next order 🙂

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