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Chat life-style: Interview with Personal Style Blogger- VainBlackBoy- Adedokun Tomiwa.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today on The Circular, we are interviewing a Personal Style Blogger, Adedokun Tomiwa also known as VainBlack Boy. We will be talking about his personalty through his style. If Personal African Fashion is your thing then you must read this piece.

Tomiwa Adedokun also runs a clothing page that comprises of his designs and collaborations with other designers in the Nigerian Fashion industry.

Before I was a blogger I was….

Before I was a blogger I was interning with a fashion stylist , worked as his project coordinator and assistant . That entailed me creating mood boards for shoot , shopping fashion items and assisting during the shoot itself.

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How did you begin designing your VainBlackBoy Collection.Were there specific inspirations or ideas in mind?

Fast forward to 2018 i had been blogging now for about 3years and i have a number of following and and a good audience.
Vain Black Boy’s Blog.

I know what my style is all about now and I wanted to put that out to the world by creating my own pieces for people that love to dress like me and look impeccably stylish , my inspiration was myself I wanted to do more like I still want to do more now!

And I definitely have a lot of ideas in mind of which I’m yet to unveil so many of them .

How did the VainBlackBoy become your signature piece?

This might be a little bit funny , but yeah I have this friend I work with, also in the fashion industry , she’s always complaining about how I love to feel myself way too much and how vain I am.

I used to take it to heart until everyone other person started saying the same thing and I figured oh this is me and I have to embrace this , so I was in the bathroom and I’m like I’m going to change my instagram handle to VainBlackBoy and walaaaaa it came to being and I love it .

Which item(s) in your wardrobe do you cherish most?

That has to be my wristwatches, what can be compared to a beautiful time piece ?

Is there a designer you’d love to work with?

Oh yes a lot of them , home and abroad . The likes of Orange culture , Kenneth Ize , Jzo, Prada, Tom Ford to mention a few .

Guilty pleasure you never feel guilty about?

Sleeping when I’m not supposed to . Lol

I hope you enjoyed this Interview from our ever slaying melanin guest, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Stay Stylish,

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