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Charity Fundraising Statistics in Ireland and UK

Fundraising is a way by which charitable organizations asks donations and other financial support from the public, government, foundations, businesses and others. Charity fundraisers provide a wide array of charitable services that benefit communities and people home and across the countries. There are many ways that charity fundraising organizations raise charity for individuals. The approach may vary depending on how much money they need to raise and how long they wish to fundraise for.

Organisations use different techniques to raise funds those include direct mail, local and community fund raising events such as direct mail, regular and committed giving, selling items, gifts and corporate donations.

According to the report of community foundation Ireland, as compare to UK and US Ireland receive a slightly larger proportion of fundraised income from individuals.

Insights provided by the community foundation of Ireland reveals that Individual donations made 77% of the Ireland contributions, 70% of the U.S contributions, and 64% of the UK contributions.

The average charitable giving in Ireland was 1.1 Billion Euros in 2017 whih have been inresaed to  9% in 2018. While, the percentage of people in UK donating charity in 2017 was 60%. The average monthly donation amount was 44pounds .

Report provided by national philanthropic trust UK discloses that Females as compare to males are most likely to give to animal charities however,  Young people more likely to give charities to shelters for homeless people, physical and mental health care charities. 55% of the people prefer cash donations others prefer lottery’s 40%, buying goods 43%, online 26%, fundraising events 23% and direct debit 31%.



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