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Changing the face of Music

Everyone has a different aspect to what they like when it comes to music, some like the tune, some like the lyrics and some like the build-up of the song. Music is a form of art that doesn’t have a fixed interpretation. Music as people say is the window to the soul of a culture and has the ability to take people on a journey to create new experiences. A crescendo to these forte notes gives builds you up, while the accelerando and staccato of the beats can give you tingles, but for some it is the andante that gives their music meaning.

Songwriters put in their own twists on lyrics and would use their own memories and experiences to tell the story. Like books it’s a form of story telling that has more than one dimension to it. No two pieces of music would be the same just as no two experiences cannot be the same. Music has the power to help people in times of struggle and through other peoples experiences it gives the listeners the help they need.

Music has changed over time; in our grandparents’ generation it was the voices like Frank Sinatra and Neil Dimond that made the listeners swoon. In our parents’ generation it was the lyrics from Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and Queen that stood out. Whereas in the current generation it is all about the monotone repetitive beats.

It is not only music that has changed over the years but the way people listen to music. It is clear that the way in which people listen to music has changed, not only in the form that they listen to it. It has gone from vinyl to people streaming the music to their phone, but also the people listen to music to fill the void left by boredom. It was used to be a hobby where people would sit and listen for hours, now it is simply is background noise.

A trend can be assumed when we see the recent graph from 2018.

This shows that the way in which people listen to music is changing. The current most popular genre is rap. Rap in the 90’s was lyrical, it focused on telling stories to a beat in the most poetic way, however, the rap that has overtaken rock to be the most popular. The current state of rap(hip hop) is EDM mixed with mumbling. People listen to this not for perspective or importance that music once had. It is simply for the brain numbing quality of it, it relieves the anxiety of everyday life in the same way that reality television does.

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