« C’est reparti!»: 2,5 millions copies released of the new Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo / Gerry Lauzon (Flickr)
Charlie Hebdo / Gerry Lauzon (Flickr)
Charlie Hebdo / Gerry Lauzon (Flickr)

          Seven weeks after the terrorist attack that cost the lives of 12 people (9 staff members), Charlie Hebdo n°1179 was released wednesday 25th of February. The publication was printed 2.5 million times. Around 8 million copies of the « survivors’ editions » were sold in a month. Now Charlie Hebdo is planning to start off again on a weekly basis. “We needed a break, a rest… There were those who needed to work again straight away, like me, and those who wanted to take more time,” said Gérard Biard, the publication’s new chief editor.

(And so it is not finish  – Patrick Pelloux)

This morning, there were no rush at the newsstand contrary to last January. The previous edition « Tout est pardonné » had provoked an incredible number of donations and subscriptions. More than 10 millions euros were raised in a few days. Usually, only 50.000 newspapers were sold every weeks and Charlie Hebdo was struggling to stay alive.

(Nothing to do with 14 of January, no queue into newstands)

The front page of the satirical newspaper is not different from what Charlie Hebdo used to do before the attack. Red background and a range of political (Nicolas Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen…) and religious characters running after a dog holding a Charlie Hebdo on his mouth. Probably a wink to all the people who joined the cause of the newspapers after the murderous attack of the Kouachi brothers in the name Mohammed.

“For this issue, we’re starting over. The funerals have taken place, we have to make do with the absence of the others, and that’s where it’s tough,” Charlie Hebdo columnist Patrick Pelloux said in a television interview.

Two new cartoonists have integrated Charlie Hebdo’s team that is now working from the offices of Libération. Ali Dilem, an Algerian cartoonist, member of the foundation Cartooning for Peace and René Petillon, well know for his drawings in another satirical French newspaper: Le Canard Enchaîné. Have a look to his first drawing for Charlie.

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