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Celebrity influence and its impact on fashion trends

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Trends come and go, that is the nature of fashion. Some trends seem to appear organically, and others have a clear cause or correlate to a recent event in the fashion and celebrity world. 

There is a reason why brands compete for celebrity attention – recent data shows that celebrities are still important trend-setters, especially ones that are in the middle of a media press tour or making more public appearances than usual due to a new album or film release. 

Beyoncé recently released ‘Cowboy Carter’ her second album in a trilogy that began with ‘Renaissance’. The new album is her first country album; and the genre has been reflected through Beyoncé’s outfits, both on the cover of the album and the singles, but also on her social media images and recent photoshoots. Beyoncé has fully embraced the cowboy styles, from the double-denim outfits, to chaps and cowboy hats. 

The data quickly caught up – since Beyoncé mentioned ‘denim on denim’ in one of the songs on her new album, popularity of ‘double denim’ fashion has increased by 14% when examining sentiments on online posts in April. Similarly, after the images for her singles ’16 Carriages’ and ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ were released and showed Beyoncé wearing cowboy hats, sales increased by 18% in February. 

Production Performance Data Infographic by Dovilegry

Similarly, when Taylor Swift was photographed wearing a Stella McCartney bag in Coachella in April, interest in the brand increased by 75%. Such a sharp increase can be accounted for by examining Swift’s current popularity. In April she released her eleventh studio album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ and has recently been enjoying a very public romance with American football player Travis Kelce and has been attending high-profile events and award shows. Swift also has a very strong fan base, her fans are known for being dedicated followers of every aspect of her life. 

Another interesting trend has been the rise of tennis fashion right around the release of Zendaya’s new film ‘The Challengers’. The film follows a tennis player-turned-coach, her husband and former boyfriend and the complicated emotions that unfold between the three of them. Zendaya’s outfits during the press tour for the film have been described as ‘character dressing’ – with the help of her stylist Law Roach, she has consistently shown up in looks that are tennis-inspired. As a result, tennis style has increased in popularity by 80%. 


The tennis rackets on Zendaya’s dress are so coquette 🎀✨ #zendaya #challengers #mtvceleb

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It is clear that celebrities have quite the influence when it comes to trends, and some trends can be directly attributed to particular events in popular culture, whether that is a new album or film release, or another activity that increases media coverage for a particular celebrity.

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