Google Assistant for Dyslexia

Different technological tools have been recognized to solve human disorders. One of these is the Google assistant – an artificial intelligence–powered virtual assistant developed by

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Ways people make money online

                  WAYS PEOPLE MAKE MONEY ONLINE Image by Alexander Mils from Pexel The internet has been a great source of generating income from its existence.

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blue headphone

The best lockdown albums

Close your eyes. You’ve just entered a venue, you’ve been stamped and got your first pint from the bar in the front and now you

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Working from home

Before Covid-19 happened, working from home seemed like an incredible perk for most workers. Employers often thought about the idea but fretted towards it as

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The love of books

I have always loved this quote that I came across few months back by Cicero. Cicero once said that “a room without a book is

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