What to do in an abusive relationship

March 19, 2021 Matilda Asekhamen 6

Being in a relationship can be overwhelming sometimes. It is a kind of feeling that you have which makes you feel whole or complete. You feel protected, loved, cherished, cared for, and many more feelings that can sometimes not be explained.

phones connected by a love match

Is Dating Acceptable in Covid-19?

March 18, 2021 Aisling Tobin 0

Considering the amount of time we have already been in this pandemic and the uncertainty of the amount of time left, you have to wonder if it is realistic to expect people not to date.

Business as Usual

March 17, 2021 Aoife Parle 1

With the new documentary on the life and death of Caroline Flack, I wanted to write something on her death and the outpouring of grief […]