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Explore the Majestic View of the Austrian Alps from Ski Juwels Gondola

 Armed with my trusty guidebook from Alpbachtal, I felt prepared for anything. I flipped through the pages, eagerly absorbing details about the region and its hidden gems. But as the saying goes, “ Those who wanderlust wander far”, and my itinerary was just a loose suggestion, open to the whispers of spontaneity… wink wink!

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Top 5 travel destinations in Africa

Africa is a continent of diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and vibrant histories, and she beckons travelers with an array of enchanting destinations. From the iconic

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The diversity of french landscapes

France offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, ranging from alpine peaks to Mediterranean coasts, through green plains and wooded areas. Some of the iconic landscapes

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Exploring Edinburgh: A magical autumn dream beyond Harry Potter and Outlander

Edinburgh, the picturesque capital of Scotland, is not just for Harry Potter or Outlander fans. Especially in autumn, the city has a magical charm that goes far beyond literary inspiration. In this article, we take you on a three-day journey through Edinburgh, filled with culinary delights, historical discoveries and unique experiences.

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The 5 Places to go on a Christmas Date in Dublin

It is Christmas- the ideal time to wrap up in a blanket and enjoy hot chocolate. But above all romantic TV films: because YES, it is indeed the most romantic time of the year. And Dublin is the ideal city to succumb to the magic of Christmas with your other half. Here is a small exhaustive list of the five places to go on a date on Christmas in Dublin.

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5 main reasons to study abroad:

Getting out of your comfort zone, discovering another culture… Studying abroad is a real opening to the world.  Why studying abroad is beneficial for a

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