Sustainable Fashion

Niamh O’Malley is an ambitious fashion student at Griffith College. Although she was always interested in fashion, she wasn’t sure exactly where it would take

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Red lips, Bold steps.

The 21st century female is all about being pro-active, powerful in her role, breaking every leg on her path to success and one major accessory

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Pastel in all its glory.

When in doubt or indecisive of what colour to go for but still want to look classy and stylish, then muted hues, fluffy yellow chicks,

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My make-up journey(Video)

Choosing a career is relatively easy these days because we live in an ever evolving world, and most jobs that exist now did not exist

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Trends in nail art (Video)

Getting your nails done is not a recent phenomena. It started way back around 3,500 B.C with the ancient Babylonian men who used kohl to

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Coconut oil DIY

Coconut is not an ordinary fruit, but also a nut and a seed. Coconut water is not its only product, one of its major product

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A Year of Using Glossier

Glossier is the hip, pink, millennial makeup and skincare brand with a focus on healthy glowy skin and packaging from heaven. Their product range spans lightweight skin

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