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Caroline Flack Documentary: Heartbroken Viewers Take To Twitter To Praise The Presenter’s Family

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno from Unsplash

The highly anticipated documentary about Caroline Flack aired last night on Channel 4, one year after the Love Island presenter’s tragic death. Viewers were left heartbroken after the revelations made by the star’s family and praised those who took part on social media. 

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death featured interviews with Caroline’s closest friends and family who discussed the star’s past struggles with her mental health. The documentary featured the assault charges she faced in December of 2019 and how she was portrayed by the British press and on social media, events that subsequently led to the star taking her own life. 

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death Trailer Credit: Channel 4

With childhood tapes of her singing with her sister to her simply having fun with friends, it portrayed the real “Carrie” away from the spotlight but also shared the struggles she’s had in her life, especially when dealing with heartbreak. Fans praised Caroline’s mother, Christine and twin sister, Jody for bravely opening up about the late presenter. 

During the documentary, Caroline’s mother said “she was a fun loving person but she had this other side that she suffered with depression and downtimes and just bad times and she had them for a long while”. 

Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary also featured in the documentary to discuss their late friend and former colleague. Murs spoke about their time as hosts of the X Factor and how the experience was ruined by the constant ridicule the pair faced on social media.

“The abuse she was getting, it was awful. Those comments did affect her, those comments did hurt” 

Heartbroken viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the documentary with one user tweeting: “How brave are Caroline’s mum and sister, talking about the many suicide attempts of Caroline even before she was famous, such a hard thing to have dealt with in all their lives, so desperately sad #CarolineFlack”.

Another twitter user praised the documentary for showing the affects relationships can have on mental health: “I’m glad this #CarolineFlack documentary is highlighting the effects that relationships can have on someone’s mental health.”

Celebrities also voiced their opinion on Twitter with BBC presenter Dan Walker tweeting: “The #CarolineFlack documentary is just so incredibly sad. I know it’s easy to say this but it should be a reminder to us all to judge our words carefully. None of us truly know what others are going through”

Other celebrities such as Paloma Faith also got involved with the discussion online.

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