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Can You Relate? My Top 10 Memes on Instagram

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels.

No matter what social media you are scrolling through, memes are everywhere. Even though most people, at least most social media users, know what a meme is there does not seem to be a clear definition of it. According to Cambridge Dictionary, a meme is “an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet.” Usually, memes are totally relatable images with text, that concern any area of life and are shared widely online. There are so many out there that sometimes it makes me wonder who has got the time to actually create one. Below I have put together my ten favorite memes on Instagram.

1. If I had to find a meme that describes 2020 best, I’d probably choose this one.

2. Who doesn’t love to sing along to a great song? Maybe it’s just me but sometimes the artist and me are just not in sync.

3. I hardly encounter my neighbors, ever. But as soon as leave the house in my PJs and my dad’s slippers to check the postbox I can be sure to at least encounter one of them.

4. This is me, every morning – and I am sure I am not the only one.

5. Weirdly, friends have actually been complaining about my music taste – no idea why. So this is me, after putting on my favorite song from 2012.

6. I am relatively bad at keeping secrets so this is kind of self-explanatory. If you don’t want me to share your secret with my sister and best friend then better don’t tell me.

7. The streets are my catwalk. Gotta make the most out of everything.

8. As a passionate hobby photographer this is so relatable for me. Obviously I am the one that needs to be held back.

9. Currently I am a full-time student, but when I worked full-time before this described my work attitude on Fridays best.

10. Do we all not just put off things sometimes/frequently/always?

Feel free to share your favorites in the comments and whether you find my picks just as relatable as I do. Which one do you relate to the most?

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