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Calorie Busters

Photo by Diana Polekhina for Unsplash

When used properly, social media can be a world of information and self-help. I had previously come off Facebook at the start of the pandemic because the posts and articles were making me anxious, however, after some reflection, I came to find that in fact, social media could be a platform that I could enjoy. I needed to make sure that I followed the content that I wanted and make it a positive experience.

As I am on a health and fitness journey I started to follow lots of pages and joined lots of groups that gave lots of tips and advice on food and exercise. One thing I found that was lacking from these groups was a group that was not affiliated with a slimming club or weight loss product. Other groups had low-calorie meals but the meals were not easy to make, some of the ingredients I couldn’t pronounce let alone get in my local supermarket. Other groups eliminated whole food groups and I thought to myself. Where is the group that gives me tips and recipes that are easily made and products that I can get locally? Therefore I decided to set up a group called ‘Calorie Busters’. A group where people can post low-calorie food ideas, products, and recipes. You can find the group at the link below.

This group would only have two rules

  1. No advertising or selling products or slimming club memberships. An advertising-free zone.
  2. No Trolling
Image by Aoife Parle

My vision for the group was for people can put up their low-calorie meals/snack ideas for others to benefit from or pop up low-calorie products they may have discovered in shops etc. I want the group to be a community where people can help each other out and give tips on living a healthier lifestyle. Lockdown has been hard on everyone therefore they can help each other get into a healthier way of living. I am hoping people will continue to use the space to post their favourite recipes and products they discover to be low in calories and are easily attainable and simple recipes that others can follow and enjoy. They can feel free to post pictures and give good tips. I added some of my own snack tips and recipes like the example below to encourage others to share.

Hash Browns mad from scratch.

I was delighted to see that people have begun to share content in the group. They began posting their recipes and engaging in comments on other people’s posts, even adding videos Here are some of the recipes so far that were shared in the group

Some great tips and recipes from members of Calorie Busters

If you have any suggestions on the group, its content and how it can improve please let me know in the comments below

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4 Responses

  1. Love this group, getting ideas for meals is not easy, nice to get some tried and tested ideas from everyone

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