Calling all singletons: How to handle Valentines Day like a boss!

Valentines Day. Photo Credit: Sean McGrath (Flickr)
Valentines Day. Photo Credit: Sean McGrath (Flickr)

Valentines day can be tough for singletons. There are couples everywhere and the advertising industry just keeps reminding you of the fact that yes- you are single. This can become pretty redundant and depressing, so it’s important to remember that being single is OK, better than OK, it’s great! V-Day is primarily about love, so what about loving ourselves? This year, lets focus on that and enjoy the day despite your relationship status. Here are some tips and ideas of how to spend Valentines Day this year.

Valentines Day. Photo Credit: Dan Moyle (Flickr)
Valentines Day. Photo Credit: Dan Moyle (Flickr)

Don’t Panic

This is particularly true  if you are newly single, or if this is your first Valentines Day without your ex. Remember not to freak out! This is not a day to reminisce or think of what could have been, all emotions will be hightened and there is no happy ending from spending the day like this. Instead, take a deep breath and if you have a teary moment that’s alright but move on from it, enjoy the day and celebrate being single.

Get supplies

In my experience, as a relatively new single person, chocolate helps almost every situation to do with the heart. Therefore chocolate is a neccessity for getting through V-Day.  Another thing that helps? Alcohol. If you’re that way inclined, however don’t drink to excess because, again, the end is never pretty.

Valentines cupcake. Photo Credit: Somewhere in the world today..(Flickr)
Valentines cupcake. Photo Credit: Somewhere in the world today..(Flickr)

Have a few LOL’s

Funny films are a great addition to any day, so why not Valentines Day! Film choice is subjective, so feel free to pick your faves but I have a top five ranging from newer to older choices that I hope will satisfy all film tastes:

  1. The Heat: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are HILARIOUS in this film
  2. Happy Gilmore: An Adam Sandler classic, always a winner!
  3. Get Hard: A newer Will Ferral flick, also featuring Kevin Hart is sure to give you a laugh.
  4. Zoolander: You could watch this again and again and it will still be funny, it’s sequal has also just been released!
  5. White Chicks: Who doesn’t love two undercover agents dressing up as blonde bimbos for a mission eh?

Plan a night out

Whether it’s a night with your girls or your guys, this is always a good option when you want to enjoy yourself and take your mind off the heavier things in life. Pick somewhere fun where you can have a dance and let loose, sometimes switching off is just what you need to put you in a better mood. P.S: this one gives you an excuse to get hangover food!

Valentines Day. Photo Credit: Sean McGrath (Flickr)
Valentines Day. Photo Credit: Sean McGrath (Flickr)

Treat yo’self

Just because you don’t have an other half does NOT mean that you don’t deserve to be treated. If someone’s not going to do it for you- then do it yourself. Buy yourself that top you’ve been oogling after, or that new gadget you’ve been saving up for, now’s the perfect time! If you’re a little tight on the cash then why not go and buy yourself your favourite chocolate bar or magazine.

Think of the positives

I’m an optimist by nature so I like to look at the bright side of things, and believe me there are plenty of positives when it comes to this situation. Firstly, you don’t need to buy any boxes of over-priced flowers or chocolates which will be half price by Monday morning (how annoying!), you can enjoy Valentines day as much as the next person without having to be hated for engaging in PDA, and best of all- it’s a day where its totally appropriate to stay in your PJ’s with a bottle of wine and a lot of food. WINNING!

Sweet Valentine. Photo Credit: Kumar's Edit
Sweet Valentine. Photo Credit: Kumar’s Edit (Flickr) 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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