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Calling all Griffith College journalism students

Come join our journalism group on Facebook! Credits: Pixabay/Pexels

On a website dedicated to the work of Griffith College students, Griffith College itself does not appear all that often. It makes sense, would you say, because it would quickly get repetitive and might not reach such a big audience outside of the college.

However, I felt like taking the opportunity to create a group to focus on all journalism students from Griffith, past, present and hopefully future. During my two years at Griffith College, I found myself acquainted with quite a lot of people – leading some of my friends to say that I “knew everyone”. Up to a point, it’s partially right. Because of that, I figured I might put these relationships to good use by allowing journalism students to share within Griffith and afterwards about everything, from schoolwork to job opportunities.

I would say that the students I met within the journalism courses during those two years are individuals all with different personalities, life and experiences, and I feel like we could learn a lot from each other. I hope for the group to be a way for its members to stay in touch once their journey at Griffith comes to an end.

To join the group, simply follow this link:

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