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An analogue method in the digital age – 5 reasons to start a Bullet Journal

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Maybe you’ve come across one of these in your Instagram feed, a friend mentioned starting one or this method is something you actually haven’t heard of yet: Bullet Journaling has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It is an analogue method in the digital age. A great way to understand the past, organise the present and plan your future. But why start writing stuff down if you can just have it on your phone?

This article gives you five reasons why starting a Bullet Journal is a great idea. It does not matter whether you are a student, self-employed, a stay-at-home-parent or work in a big company. The best thing about this method is that you can fit it exactly to your needs. The creator of the Bullet Journal Method Ryder Carol sums it up as a system that helps you live a more productive and meaningful life.

Let’s have a look at what Bullet Journaling actually is:

The artistic site

Of course, you can stick to rapid logging, minimalistic pages and focus firmly on the effectiveness of your journal. But many people in the community enjoy decorating their collections, monthly and daily logs. Choosing a theme for each month is very common, so are quote pages and creative approaches to mood and habit trackers.

As mentioned above, custom collections are what makes your Bullet Journal personal. That goes for minimalistic design as well as creative approaches. Additionally to the most common ones – mood and habit trackers – many people list projects ideas, favourite recipes or Level10 life.

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So all of that might sound nice, but again: Why should you write everything down when you have your phone?

1 – Bullet Journaling can help improve your time management significantly

Studies have shown again and again how beneficial it is to take notes by hand rather than on a Laptop or Smartphone. With Bullet Journaling, not only do you have everything in one place, but it is also super easy to organize your tasks, events and thoughts through rapid logging.

Instead of having to accept the restrictions most apps on your phone pose on you or search endlessly to find the exact one that works for you, you can simply use this modular system.

2 – The system will always fit your needs

While there are some core “rules” you stick to, the customization possibilities are endless. If you have a lot of appointments and events on hand, you might want more planning space or a dedicated spread for notes in meetings. If you notice something does not work for you anymore, there is no need to buy a new calendar. You can simply add or leave out whatever you want to change.

Very typical spreads for students are for example assignment lists and study plans.

3 – It can be as little or much work as you want

Depending on what works for you, you can stick with rapid logging – tasks, events and thoughts in a simple list – or spend hours creating complicated spreads to track your habits or sleeping patterns.

As we’ve explained above, there is a big creative planning community. YouTubers like Amanda Rach Lee or Plant Based Bride are a great source of inspiration if you are not sure where you want to go with your design.

4 – Bullet Journaling can be a great benefit to your mental health

A lot of people use their Journals to keep track of their mental health. You can create mood trackers, dedicate pages to daily affirmations or integrate a diary into your daily spreads.

5 – The system is super beginner-friendly

Not only is there a very supportive community connected to journaling, but because of the system’s flexibility and easy to understand core features, everyone can start at any point. You don’t need any special journals, pens or anything else. Your BuJo will grow with you.


So to put it short, Bullet Journaling is a tool to boost your productivity, take care of your mental health and helps you organize daily life. Do you think this sounds like something you’d give a try? If you are curious and want more details on the system or how other people use their journals, we recommend visiting the official website or this 2020 journal setup.

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