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In recent weeks Brunei has become the talk of many due to the announcement of the implementation of their laws against homosexuals and adultery. The law dictates that if an individual was to be caught in the act of committing either one of these crimes will be found guilty and be stoned to death. Talks of the law being implemented beginning in 2014.

This announcement of the officiating of the law has sparked a nationwide outrage among citizens, members of the LGBTQ community and celebrities. This has created an international backlash from citizens and celebrities which launched a boycott against all the hotels which are owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

On the 30th of March 2019, the Prime Minister’s Office of Brunei Darusallam releases a press statement in regards to the enforcement of their new laws where they stated that:

“Brunei Darussalam is a sovereign Islamic and fully independent country and, like all other independent countries, enforces its own rule of laws. Brunei Darussalam has always been practising a dual legal system, one that is based on the Syariah Law and the other on Common Law.

In fully implementing the Syariah Penal Code Order (SPCO) 2013 from 3rd April 2019, both systems will continue to run in parallel to maintain peace and order and preserve religion, life, family and individuals regardless of gender, nationality, race and faith.

The Syariah Law, apart from criminalizing and deterring acts that are against the teachings of Islam, it also aims to educate, respect and protect the legitimate rights of all individuals, society or nationality of any faiths and race.


Istana Nurul Iman

Bandar Seri Begawan, BA1000

Brunei Darussalam

30 March 2019”

Hashtags like #boycottbrunei stormed twitter receiving thousands of Tweets from people around the world expressing their anger and disagreement regarding these laws. Inspired by actor George Clooney’s, who urged fans to boycott Sultan of Brunei’s Hotels.

Though a lot of citizens were outraged with this decision there were some which agreed with the implementation of the law. There was a hashtag #IStandWithBrunei which was created. Not holding back regarding their believes and opinions they took Twitter by storm and voiced them.

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