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Brazilians in Ireland: A Small Colony

L-R Juliano Cesar De Lima, Pedro Rocha, Fillipe Aranjo

In April 2016, there were 13,640 Brazilian nationals usually resident in Ireland. Since 2006 to date, the Brazilian population in Ireland has more than trebled in size, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Many Brazilian students come to Ireland to learn English, stay one year and then backpack around Europe when they finish their courses. It’s important to note that a great proportion of Brazilians have double citizenship because they are the second or third generation of Italians, Portuguese, Spanish immigrants. While others remain in Ireland permanently for work and only visit Brazil while they are on vacation.

Collective interview of three Brazilians, Juliano Cesar de Lima, Pedro Rocha and Filippe Aranjo tell of how they got to Ireland first to study English because it’s cheaper in Ireland and their visa allows them to stay longer.

Filippe Aranjo, who has lived in Ireland for four months, says his priority is to study English, visit other countries in Europe, and come back to Ireland and work permanently.

Juliano Cesar de Lima, basically work and study, and on the weekends, he says, “I tries as much as I can to relax”. He goes to a park in the evenings, and then maybe to a pub. Every once in a while, he goes to a Brazilian restaurant. According to him, Fusion, Wasabi , Three Spirit are the three major Brazilian restaurants in Dublin; while Diceys and River Bar are the cheapest place most Brazilians go for a pint”.

Juliano’s long-term plan is to apply for a different visa, a more permanent one, so he can bring his son over from Brazil and reside in Dublin for good.

Pedro Rocha, had issues with accommodation when he first got to Dublin ten months ago, he says “I was almost homeless until another Brazilian offered him a bed space”.

Pedro’s goal is to move to another English speaking country, perhaps Canada, after a few years in Ireland.

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