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Brazilian rock night in Dublin

Tributo Rock Irlanda crowd and band Copyright: Tributo Rock Irlanda/Credits: Gustavo Bandeira

A special party where Brazilians rock fans living in Dublin can feel at home.

The event “Tributo Rock Irlanda” (Rock Tribute in Ireland) happens once a month at the basement of Dublin City centre pub Fibber Magees pub, and for over a year around 350 Brazilians have been attending each time. 

A four-piece live band and DJ bring the best of the classic Brazilian rock n’ roll of all ages. The crowd sings along and dances to the sound of renowned Brazilian rock bands such as Legião Urbana, Cazuza, Paralamas do Sucesso, Titãs, Raul Seixas, Charlie Brown Jr, Mamonas Assassinas, O Rappa and much more!

Tributo Rock Irlanda band: Guto Piazza (vocals), André Fernandes (Bass), Rodrigo Caixinha (Guitar) and Gabriel Patrone (Drummer)
Copyright: Tributo Rock Irlanda/Credits: Gustavo Bandeira

When singer Guto Piazza was invited to be the voice of the band which was specifically formed for the gig, he did not refuse: “It’s a pleasure to be part of such a great event, but it is also a big responsibility. Performing classics by my favourite artists in another country to such a passionate crowd, it is being a challenge for me! A great one though!”

But where did this idea come from?

“The idea of this party is to make us feel closer to our culture, even though living so far from home!” says Gabriel Patrone, one of the creators of the event and also the drummer of the band.

Gabriel Patrone
Copyright: Tributo Rock Irlanda/Credits: Gustavo Bandeira

Patrone and his friend Rodrigo Caixinha (guitarist for Tributo Rock Irlanda) have been living in Ireland for almost 5 years, and realised the need of being in contact with their music: “We wanted to play our favourite music which is rock.  So throwing a party where everyone who enjoys good rock n’ roll can soften their homesickness and have some fun just sounded a great idea, and we were very excited to organise it,” affirms Patrone.

The idea worked! A large crowd regularly attends the event which also helps to build a great atmosphere. “For me, the event is a combination of all good things, memories, friends and great music, it is a moment to leave any difficulties we have outside and have fun,” says Juliana Borges, who has been attending the gig ‘that feels like a party’ since it first began.

Copyright: Tributo Rock Irlanda/Credits: Gustavo Bandeira

For Borges, the event is far beyond a normal gig: “Being in the show, singing the lyrics that often talk about our country, our political issues and the way we live brings great memories, but it also makes us reflect about the choices we make and what we’ve achieved.”

Feel the vibe:

Tributo Rock Irlanda
Copyright: Tributo Rock Irlanda/Credits: Luana Matos

After staging the event for 14 months, the Tributo Rock Irlanda has definitely become a consolidated event where a lot of fun is always guaranteed. In addition, it is sponsored by the tattoo studio Amazink Tattoo Shop which always raffles tattoo vouchers for the present rock fans.

You can find more information about Tributo Rock Irlanda following @tributorockirlanda on Facebook and Instagram.

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